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Where do you buy a book?

Internet has been change a lot of thing. The way we work until how we buy something. In the past, bookstore means Gramedia, or Gunung Agung as alternative. However, in Internet era, we have more.

In global we have amazon, and in the second wave of internet wake up, Indonesia has alternative how we can get a book. Just click, transfer, and book have come. It is simple.

It differentiate with global is, they using credit card, meanwhile Indonesia prefer to transfer via bank or COD/Cash on Delivery for security reason. Continue reading Where do you buy a book?

Link-Link 28-09-2007

Do you know about Hypermarket

Is Customer a King?

king.jpgKonsumen adalah raja. Sebuah jargon yang paling umum digunakan banyak orang. Kenapa? Karena ditangan konsumenlah, uang itu akan mengalir. Jadilah banyak pengusaha berlomba-lomba menganggap bahwa konsumennya itu raja. Dan layaknya seorang raja, segala macam tawaran terbaik ditawarkan.

Tapi benarkah demikian? Continue reading Is Customer a King?

Exploring High Taste of Indonesia

High class is always interesting to watch. Their lifestyle, how they are dressing, how they are ride the car, and obviously the way they are shopping.

Indonesia, is one of developing [?] country, is well known in abroad, esp. in South East Asia, its upper class which spend a lot money to make them looks high. Eventhough they must go abroad to buy a shoes only.

plaza-senayan.jpgBut, it could happened only a decade ago. Recently, we can find world class retailer available throughout Jakarta. And all of them located in Heart of Jakarta.

  • Plaza Indonesia. Located in heart of Jakarta, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, is one of premium mal which still exist since 90 decades, they just celebrating 17 years Anniversary with anchor tenant Debenhams, Plaza Indonesia will direct compete with Grand Indonesia
  • Grand Indonesia. Owned by Djarum Group [Cigarette] is head to head with Plaza Indonesia. With anchor tenat Seibu, and combine with Office [BCA HQ], and Appartment, and absolutely Hotel Indonesia, legendary hotel in Indonesia, Grand Indonesia is highly competitor of Plaza Indonesia.
  • Senayan City. Their coming which several times suspended, Senayan City coming in premium location, close to Senayan Area, which is known as sport area around Bung Karno Stadium. Senayan City has Debenhams and Best Denky is head to head competition with Plaza Senayan which came to Senayan since 1996.

  • Plaza Senayan. Occupied 20 hectares and long experience in managing premium people of Jakarta is ready to face Senayan City.
  • Pondok Indah Mall. Located in southern Jakarta, and closed to elite residential, Pondok Indah, always high traffic in all days, recently opening Pondok Indah Mal 2.

Indonesia Top Retailer

Retail Asia Publishing ( on July 2007 Edition released Retail Asia Pasific Top 500. The list of leading retailer throughout Asia pasific during 2006 which made by Retail Asia Publishing collaboration with Euromonitor International, and KPMG whose global reputation and advisory services.

The list ranked by sales per year. And leader player during 2006 in Indonesia is Carrefour, which reach Rp. 7.2 billion, and occupied 168.000-sqm area. Ramayana in second place with Rp. 4.8 billion with wider sales area, 456.900 sqm. Ramayana also lead in term of outlet number than Carrefour. They have 89 outlets than 24 in Carrefour. It means Carrefour succeed in sales per sqm, Rp. 43 million/year more bigger than Ramayana which reach only Rp. 10,6 Million/year. Continue reading Indonesia Top Retailer

Without Card in Minimart


Satu hal yang paling tidak saya sukai saat belanja di Minimart adalah harus bayar tunai!

Kenapa? Continue reading Without Card in Minimart

Semarang Has Carrefour Now

carrefour-semarang.jpgSince 31 August 2007, Semarang be part of Carrefour City Network. On that day, Carrefour launch it’s first outlet in Central Java, and 31st outlet in Indonesia with 8,689 sq.m of sales area and 50 checkouts. Continue reading Semarang Has Carrefour Now