Semarang Has Carrefour Now

carrefour-semarang.jpgSince 31 August 2007, Semarang be part of Carrefour City Network. On that day, Carrefour launch it’s first outlet in Central Java, and 31st outlet in Indonesia with 8,689 sq.m of sales area and 50 checkouts.

Carrefour Semarang located in DP Mall at Jalan Pemuda Semarang. It is closely with Semarang City Hall, Lawang Sewu (Landmark of Semarang), and Pasar Bulu (Bulu Market).

In Semarang will compete local players such as Ada Swalayan, Sri Ratu, Alfa, and global Player – Makro, Courts.

So, Who will be the winner?

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