Where do you buy a book?

Internet has been change a lot of thing. The way we work until how we buy something. In the past, bookstore means Gramedia, or Gunung Agung as alternative. However, in Internet era, we have more.

In global we have amazon, and in the second wave of internet wake up, Indonesia has alternative how we can get a book. Just click, transfer, and book have come. It is simple.

It differentiate with global is, they using credit card, meanwhile Indonesia prefer to transfer via bank or COD/Cash on Delivery for security reason.

Positive thing buy through online bookstore is we have lower price than conventional bookstore. It is common that bookstore get profit margin until 30% from the price. Let say, the price Rp. 50.000, bookstore will get profit until Rp. 15.000. That’s why, some online bookstore cut its profit margin to give interesting price to consumer.

Let’s check it out!

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