Retailers VS Manufacture

Last week, I talk with my colleague who work in retailers for many years. And he gave me surprise. He just resigned! And my question is, What next retailers that you will enter?

Why I ask it to him?

I am sure that he must be hijacked by other retailers. I met some people move from one retailer to another so quickly. The top reasons is higher salary. Nothing else.

Working in retailers is same. You will deals with details. Even more details. The Price, Product, etc. It’s very dynamic.

It is not fit the manufacture people that move to retailers. If you currently working in manufacture company and try to be retailers guy, please reconsider it. If you cannot deals with details, forget it.

Mean while, if you are retailers person and try to feel nice working and can get nice holiday in weekend, move it to manufacture company.

3 thoughts on “Retailers VS Manufacture

  1. Maaf baru reply sekarang. Tergantung kebutuhannya. Kalau data provider/analysis ada yang cukup terkenal ya AC Nielsen. Cuma spesialis di consumer goods. Untuk untuk set up new business mungkin bisa cari Pak Cristian Gusway. Coba di googling nama perusahaannya. Saya agak lupa namanya.

  2. menarik juga ya? artikel ttg retailers vs manufacture, apa iya kalo merasakan ‘nice working’ and ‘nice holiday in weekend’ kita harus pindah ke ‘manufacture company’? kalo saya sih udah lupa indahnya ‘weekend holiday’ but the point isn’t about that i like the comment about ‘deals with detail’, wah kalo itu sih kerjaan harian saya selama 6 tahun terakhir ini mulai dari supervisor sampe jadi assistant, di perusahaan retail nasional, ya kalo ada kesempatan bisa lah saling sharing indahnya dunia retail, jarang ada orang yang seneng lho kerja beginian (itu sih menurut saya) pendapat saya retail adalah bidang kerja yang dinamis, dan harus sadar lingkungan dan kondisi masyarakat, dan trend, jadi makanya jadi lupa nice weekend holiday, ciao…

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