Electronic City Award 2007

Korean Brand Leading in Electronic City Award 007

Electronic City, one of the high-end electronic chain stores, on 29th November 2007 gave EC Award at Peninsula Hotel Jakarta.

EC Award aim to give appreciations of electronic manufacture that has good performance in term of sales in Electronic City outlet.

Currently, Electronic City has 9 outlets: 6 in Jakarta, and the rest in Bandung, Denpasar, and the newest outlet in Medan.

The winner of Electronic City Award 2007, selected from four parameters.

  1. Sales out in Electronic City
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Technology
  4. Sales Performance in Total Market

The Winner of Electronic City Award 2007 are

  1. Television: Samsung
  2. Lcd Tv: LG
  3. Home Video : Akira
  4. Refrigerator: Toshiba
  5. Hifi: Philips
  6. Air Cond: Sharp
  7. Washing Machine: Samsung
  8. Cellular Phone: Nokia
  9. DSC: Casio
  10. Digital Video Camera: Sony

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