Gunung Sewu Siap Luncurkan SaveMax Super Grosir

Gunung Sewu Group yang terkenal dengan bisnis propertinya bersiap meluncurkan salah satu bisnis grosirnya yakni Save Max Super Grosir

Jika dilihat dari namanya, ada kemiripan dengan SaveMax  [] yang berasal dari India.  Belum dipastikan apakah SaveMax ini sama dengan yang di India. Karena keduanya sama-sama bermain di segmen grosir.

Informasi tentang SaveMax ini bisa dilihat di

SaveMax Super Grosir is a new-concept modern wholesaler which offers a one-stop shopping solution for entrepreneurs, professionals, HORECA and traders. SaveMax Super Grosir's service supports our customers' business process and ultimately inspires business improvement. 

Founded in April 2013, SaveMax Super Grosir is part of Gunung Sewu's incubation strategy to get closer to end consumers and to leverage the synergy among its subsidiaries.
Our business concept : 
 - Offer bulk packaging with competitive prices
 - Offer complete assortment to meet the needs of our target customers
 - Provide spacious store area with expansive product displays
 - Create synergy with the best fresh product suppliers
 - Support local farmers
 - Deploy the latest IS&T technology to maximize efficiency
 - Design simple operations to provide positive customer experience

 To our partners, why select us to be your business partner?
 - We treat suppliers as our partners to grow business and categories together
 - We ensure your marketing cost works efficiently and effectively 
 - We are your partner in distribution, not your competitor
 - We design clear, simple and structured cost to build your categories and grow your business
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