Operator Telecom Service Center

A decade ago, Indonesian only knew Telkom as Telecom Operator which is running Fixed Wired Phone. In recent days, we have more than 5 telecom opertator and most of them in wireless telecommunication/Cellular Phone.

In the race of improving its service to customer, they actively open service center as well as sales outlet. And here is operator no outlets through out Jabotabek and West Java

Operator Outlet

Operator Name No of Outlet
Plasa Telkom 47
XL Center 41
Gerai Esia 15
Gerai Telkomsel 68
Mobile 8 Center 14
Smart Telecom 10

Retailer Secret

Have you noticed that every pre-weekend (Thursday & Friday) retailers attack our mind with a lot of promo? Especialy on Friday. You will see more advertisement than news. Full Color, Discount, Voucher etc. And the promo only valid during weekend, start from Friday to Sunday.

When you see the promo, have you check the price before?

Here’s the retailer secret:

The Price in Weekend is lower than in weekdays!

Hal-hal yang penting di Peraturan Presiden No 112 Tahun 2007

Peraturan tentang Pasar Moderen dan Tradisional telah terbit. Akankah berbagai macam masalah didalamnya terselesaikan? Ataukah semakin tidak jelas karena masuk daerah abu-abu? Bagaimana dengan sanksi atas pelanggaran Peraturan Presiden No 112 Tahun 2007?

Tanggal 27 Desember 2007, pemerintah menerbitkan Peraturan Presiden No 112 Tahun 2007 mengenai penataan dan pembinaan Pasar Tradisional, Pusat Perbelanjaan, dan Toko Modern. Setelah ditunda berkali-kali dan konon terjadi tarik ulur antara berbagai pihak yang berkepentingan dengan peraturan ini, akhirnya peraturan ini terbit juga. Continue reading Hal-hal yang penting di Peraturan Presiden No 112 Tahun 2007

BI Rate : 8%

Bank Indonesia decided to lower BI rate 25 bps from 8.25% to 8%.

Bank Indonesia is confident that the BI rate cut will not disrupt achievement of the inflation target, particularly in the medium to long term. The lower rate is expected to deliver an economic stimulus and sustain momentum for stronger economic growth while maintaining macroeconomic stability in coming years. This decision also takes account of risks, especially in relation to the high level of international oil prices. Continue reading BI Rate : 8%

Electronic City Award 2007

Korean Brand Leading in Electronic City Award 007

Electronic City, one of the high-end electronic chain stores, on 29th November 2007 gave EC Award at Peninsula Hotel Jakarta. Continue reading Electronic City Award 2007

Fokus di Luar Jabotabek

Ketatnya kompetisi bisnis retail di Jabotabek, sepertinya mulai membawa korban. Yakni dengan ditutupnya sekitar 20 outlet Ramayana di sekitar Jabotabek.

Dan sebagai langkah antisipasi penurunan bisnisnya Ramayan, akan menggarap kota-kota diluar Jabotabek, terutama kota-kota kedua seperti Dumai, Duri, Kerinci Jambi. Continue reading Fokus di Luar Jabotabek

Ace Hardware gain Rp. 60 Billion; predicted


Quoted from Bisnis Indonesia, PT. Ace Hardware Tbk commissioner, Tjiptono Darmadji, said that they succeed reaching profits margin which is targeted this year. Previously, they estimate 53 billion rupiah profit margin in 2007.

If they can reach 118 billion profit in 2008, Ace Hardware will give devidend 10% from the profits. Currently they have 24 outlets with total space 64.570 m2.

Carrefour VS Pedagang Pasar Tradisional

Kehadiran Carrefour di beberapa tempat, mendapat tentangan yang cukup keras dari pedagang tradisional setempat.


Umumnya mereka menolak kehadiran Carrefour dengan alasan jarak yang terlalu dekat dengan lokasi mereka berdagang, sehingga ditakutkan mereka tidak dapat bersaing dengan segala yang ditawarkan oleh Carrefour. Baik itu dalam hal tempat yang lebih nyaman, harga murah, produk yang lebih variatif. Continue reading Carrefour VS Pedagang Pasar Tradisional

Bank Indonesia Rate Steady at 8.25%

Macroeconomic and Financial System Stability Firm : BI Rate Unchanged at 8.25%

The Board of Governors’ Meeting at Bank Indonesia at November 6, 2007 decided to keep the BI Rate steady at 8.25%. The decision is based on a comprehensive discussion and evaluation of economic projections and developments, the outlook for achievement of the inflation target for 2007 and 2008 and identification of risks. Continue reading Bank Indonesia Rate Steady at 8.25%

Ace Hardware gain 19.5% on IPO

PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk listed in Jakarta Stock Exchange.

PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk, ritel company which focusing on DIY (Do It Yourself) tools offering 1.7 mill shares in JSX started on 6 Nov 2007. In the first day, investor who hold this stocks gain 19.5%. Opening with 820, and closed in 980. Continue reading Ace Hardware gain 19.5% on IPO